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A coach empowers when you’re stuck or not moving as you want to when you feel Afraid, Stressed or Helpless.

For Individuals

Designed to focus on YOU as an individual; Life Coach to Declutter and spark Specific actions for the realization of Goals, Visions & Desires.

For Entrepreneurs

Focus on Accelerate business growth, Explore innovative solutions to make an extraordinary impact and Result Orientation.

For Young Achievers

Reinstate the Belief in your inner Self and Find your True North, Carve a Future and Design a career path beyond the Judgements and the Beaten paths.

For Leaders

Promising Confidentiality and Shared Accountability to break the Glass Ceiling or Comfort Zone Barriers; Core Emphasis on developing your Leadership Behaviours and enriching relationships.

My Story

My name is Rohit Batra, I am known mostly by my nickname “Geet”.
I have committed to making a difference to people through my Coaching Experience.

I am an ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach), a GrowMore Certified and a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach.

My Life Purpose is to be a Lighthouse for all those who are seeking their right path fulfill Life ahead.

I have more than 20 Years Experience in performing multiple roles in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore. Being a part of leading recruitment companies & team member of several industries including IT Education (NIIT Limited), Oil & Gas (Cairn India), an IPC- Facility Management (JLL India), FMCG, Insurance, Consumer Durable, Healthcare, Consulting, Training, Advertising and Sales. I am a Life Coach for Individuals, Corporate professionals and Mentor existing coaches to help them come up the learning curve faster. I want people to believe the fact that, ‘’ There is no Elevator to success, you have to take the Stairs’’.

Are you among them who wants to win battles without failure? Connect with me.

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Have a coach for life by your side to win, be the Champion and the Leader you are!

If you have the choice to move ahead….Why are you still standing?

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5 Minutes Online Assessment

Each one of us holds immense power, that needs to channeled effectively. Sometimes we just need a little nudge, motivation, and trust to make the greatest things of your life happen.

Take this 5-minute online assessment to explore if working with a Coach is going to work for you and are you really ready to work with a Coach?

Thought-Based Approach

Walk with your coach till finish line with ‘Annual coaching Engagement’ plan or choose ‘Short Term Coaching’ Engagement if you are stuck halfway to your Specific Goal.

As a life coach, My endeavor is to uncover Blind Spots, instill awareness and illuminate possibilities that never existed before.

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Our Blog

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