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Reasons to Hire a Coach?

The difference between action and inaction is of a Compelling reason.


Some of my Clients shared with me the reasons of what made them sign up to work with me as a coach.

In this Article, i am sharing with you a Compilation of reasons that have compelled different people to work with a Coach.Some of these may help you move forward and take a decision.

1. Get out of the Cobwebs and the Maze of being busy

It takes a while to understand that being Busy is not same as being productive.

When someone says that “They are busy and do not have time to focus on that critical task, Its like them saying “they were too Busy Driving, therefore don’t have time to fuel their car.

They tried Coffee Breaks, Book reading, Yoga, Exercise, Practicing mindfulness or Meditation to refuel; But all these were not sustainable for everyone.

To ensure Success, they chose to have a Coach by their side.

2. Need for a Solid & Reliable support system.

Need for a Solid Ground

Ever Heard from the Top Management professionals “it gets lonely at the Top”

Imagine being a CXO, You have a new dream product/ Service or Project on which the future of company depends and the environment is very dynamic. You have your anxiety, You have planned over and over, But still the fear grips you; As a Leader, “Come what may” you may not like to express your fears, anxiety or insecurities to your team. You only wished that you could speak to Someone who could Listen without judgement, Someone who would listen to understand and not to React, listen without jumping to conclusions or telling you things you already know.

They chose a Coach as a Solid & Reliable support system. Someone who shares their vision and is as much in the game as you.

3. Knowing that they are lost, But they have not lost as yet.

They have done all they could already; They have knocked doors of Family, Friends, Colleagues, Mentors, even Soothe-sayers and Astrologers.

They feel that the solution is outside of them and hence are going by the suggestions and information pouring from all sources, the internal compass stops pointing to their true North.

Self Awareness and admittance of their state of mind is the revelation of truth.

A lot of complex problems have simple solutions; A coach may take you back to basics and build on back to what you want to achieve.

They displayed Trust and Faith on the coaching process.

4. Strong Belief that “the Best of them is yet to come”.

They are Successful, They have achieved much in life, But there is craving for more, They relentlessly worked on themselves. They know they are Good but that is not enough, They have not yet reached their Optimum Best.

Hope is the only thing that keeps them going, deep inside they feel there is still something that can be done and they have only Exhausted the possibilities of the Known.

Coaching works best for people who want to continuously Grow and are already Successful.

Unravel the mysteries of their Belief Systems and delve into the treasures of their Sub-Conscious.

5. Winning is the only outcome they will settle for.

A Dream Project, a Mega Deal, a New Role or any kind of Challenge that is not just important but critical to them; They know Come what may they will be able to do it, But they do not want to leave any stone unturned.

There is no option of reaching a point in future where they look back with regret for the actions not taken and Options not explored.

They were high on Commitment and asking for additional help do not make them feel small, But only to ensure that they are Bigger than who they are now.

They were not afraid or shy of asking for help; Humility makes them move ahead and Ego have no place in their life.

It is important to know, if in your Current State of mind whether you are ready to be Coached?

Take the online assessment by clicking HERE to see if this is the right time to get in touch with a coach.
A Score of 35 and Above should be a signal enough to signup with a coach and achieve what your have been aspiring for in shorter time than you have imagined.

Everybody needs help and it’s Okay!

– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith (World’s No.1 Coach)


Life is Good, Cheers!Geet Batra
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