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About Life Coach, Geet


More than 20 Years’ Experience in multiple roles from Leading Recruitment & Talent Acquisition teams across India in varied industries like IT Education (NIIT Limited), Oil & Gas (Cairn India), an IPC- Facility Management (JLL India), FMCG, Insurance, Consumer Durable, Healthcare, to Consulting, Training, Advertising and Sales. Throughout my entire journey being a life coach in India, I have taken online sessions of leaders, successful entrepreneurs, business owners and top-management executives in Indore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.


An ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

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Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach.

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My Beautiful Journey as a Life Coach

From starting my career in sales, marketing, Advertising, Entrepreneurship and then in HR as Senior recruitment professional with many Multinationals, I finally found what makes me feel fulfilled.

Being a Coach helped me touch so many lives; Coached 50+ People in last Year; Been instrumental in lives of 40+ professionals choosing to be a Certified Coaches. In my entire journey as a life coach, I believe that ”the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell”.

Now, if I ever am forced to go back in past and change anything about my decision to be a coach; I would only change the timing to an earlier date than I did.

Thank you to all those who helped me in taking the step or dissuading not to; Thanks to the 350+ GrowMore Coaches community and My Master Coach.

Coaching helps to build Bridges where no one ever imagined or even had the courage to build one. I had not only built my bridge but I am walking on it too.

More lives to Touch, More transformations to begin and most importantly, I get to be the best of me than who I was or who I am; And that’s what the Power of coaching is.

Meet me to learn how to deal with any challenges or issues coming to your way. I traveled across the country guiding people, entrepreneurs, top management executives to become excellent and to find their ideal balance of mind, body, and soul.

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Life Coach Geet Batra

A Coach is your Personal LightHouse, Partner with one to Grow and move ahead in your Life.

Each session will add more value to you and you have One Reliable person to go for all Challenges you have taken in Life.

Working with a Coach may seem or feel as if in your Life Voyage; a Lighthouse is by your side.

This Lighthouse throws light to Illuminates your immediate environment

You could spot yourself in the sea, Navigate your course through rough waters, High seas. This lighthouse marks Icebergs, Rocks, reefs and dangerous coastlines.

With him around you, You may predict weather and storms in your life, often check the boat condition, the sails, service your equipment and be prepared to deal with your insecurities at the time of a tempest.

Your Coach will ensure you are safe and are sailing at your full Potential.