Purpose of Life Coaching

CHALLENGES  makes you more responsible….. Life without struggles is life without success… Giving up is easy for a moment and Quitting will make all of the Life ahead miserable.

Connect with me to write the script of your life!

Live up to your best potential and Dig your Gold!

Wish you a life filled with Joy, freedom, and Peace of mind!

Happiness is a Choice, What’s yours?

If you are not willing to help yourself nobody else can!

Life is Good, Cheers!

Corporate Coach Geet Batra

My Promises as a Best Life Coach in India

1. Unconditional Support

Make your journey Easier and Enjoyable with a life coach with you. A good coach will provide unconditional support and hold your hand when things get tough.

2. Confidentiality

It’s my express Commitment and promise to manage confidentiality. Anything we discuss in our Coaching Sessions stays between only us.

3. Trust & Faith

Mutual trust is critical for success in a Coaching engagement, Having trust in each other is the first step of this relationship. Faith is invisible and may not make sense, That is why it can create Miracles and has the power to connect you to what you need. Allow your Faith to be bigger than your Fear.

Your Faith can Move Mountains and your doubts can create them!

4. Non Judgmental

By being non-judgemental, I will maintain Neutrality to provide you with a safe space to express yourself Freely.

5. Freedom

The life coaching sessions will be about you and you get to choose what you want to take from the session.

6. Professionalism

You can expect no Quick Fix or a False Promise from me, I would let you know where my coaching domain ends and move to another professional you may approach.

7. Commitment

I will commit as much as you do, it’s about your life and will be as committed as you want me to.

What Results You Can Expect

1. Coaching helps you imagine what your life COULD be & align your reality to expectations. My Methodology will help you align your head and heart with actions that can turn passions & dreams into reality.

2. It gets lonely at the top, a Good Life coach will always operate from a Belief that you are Perfect the way you are or the way you are not and are capable of finding your own Solutions. All you need is a safe space to express and think clearly.

3. I practice as a Life coach, executive coach, Leadership Coach, Performance Coach, business coach, and relationship coach to help you reinstate Balance with right Focus & Actions.

4. You will be able to overcome your Limitations, barriers, and obstacles that come on your way while you are progressing towards your goals.

5. Your Coach serves as Pit stop, in your race, there will always be the need to refuel and realign your mind.

What’s in It For you?

Design your life and build around your passion, living by default is the lowest form of Life.

Take this great opportunity to work with Coach Geet. Your life is a set of choices, Only you will decide if you are ready to Transform your entire personal and professional life RIGHT NOW

Here is an Invitation to working with Life Coach Geet, where you will experience the transformation through the power of Coaching.

Some of the areas we can focus on are

  1. Overview of where is Life going and where you want it to be
  2. Goal Setting & Aspirations
  3. Understand what creates Conflicts for you and what Motivates you.
  4. Find the Life Purpose (not in First Session)
  5. Find your Passion & Strengths
  6. Setting Healthy boundaries for yourself
  7. Financial Success
  8. Productivity and Performance
  9. Work-Life Balance
  10. Relationship Conflicts at Work or Home

What would it take from you:-

  1. Commitment to something that is very dear to you.
  2. Trust, Honesty, and Openness to discuss what’s critical, Important and reciprocate being Non-Judgemental.
  3. Exclusive Time and a Peaceful Place to conduct the session through Skype or other virtual Platform without any disturbance. (Minimum 90 Mins to 150 Minutes)
  4. You get to decide what you put at Stake for life coaching sessions.

The less you wait, the more you Create – Dain Heer