5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Coach

Being an Entrepreneur has its own rewards, Most people choose to start their business to craft a Life of Freedom for themselves; However, in most cases, they end up becoming a slave to their enterprise.

A Coach (A Life Coach or a Business Coach) will help you here to get your freedom back in your hands.

Their life revolves around their business, the work-life balance deteriorates, Stress mounting and impacting their Health, relationships & overall wellbeing. Is more of your time as well as Energy is sucked into the venture day by day? Mostly Resulting in mediocre results and accepting whatever fate offers to you as alms.

Ever heard of the expression “the Tail wagging the Dog”?

That’s exactly what happens with most Entrepreneurs, Find below Top 5 reasons why you need a Business Coach to reach your goals.

Crystalizes your Vision– A Coach helps you see farther than your Myopic or tunnel vision while being on the Driver’s seat. A Birdseye view will awaken you to the possibilities in far-flung terrain. The Business Coach works with you to help remove Haze on your Business vision, help you identify what to attach significance and what to declutter.

Any Successful business has clear goals, priorities and is dependent only on the Business Owner.

Can you Imagine where would a driver with disabled vision will lead you to?

Help you Leverage– Entrepreneurs are on the Top of the Pyramid and mostly have reached up through Linear strategy. Doing everything, setting their own high standards, keeping everything under their control. Isn’t it like the “I am a syndrome or Playing God?” They even tend to not hire employees in time because they aspire to find an exact replica of themselves and eventually ending up dealing with hiring and retention issues again and again. Their expectation from their employees is as much as they expect from themselves or Delivered.

Entrepreneurship is Overwhelming and head spinning for most people, there is a need for semblance to the chaos and your Business Coach is trained to do so.

Shared Accountability – At your work you are at the top of the Pyramid, there is no one to Hold you to account, there is no one who has the vision and growth as dear to them as much as to you. By having a Coach you have an Accountability partner who would be a constant reminder to who you can be. The coach will constantly reinstate your faith, trust, and confidence in you.

To others who have no accountability you may slither from what’s important or critical by giving excuses, But to yourself and your coach dodging is not an option.

You may even be affected by the opinion of others and accept their point of view as reality and get disempowered; A Coach will help these point of views tested on the Truth Scale and get you to be empowered separating the wheat from the chaff in a sea of opinions and judgments.

Take you from Pitfall to a Pitstop – Entrepreneurship is an ongoing process and most Businessmen want Continues until they decide to hang their boots for retirement. Being engaged in a Rut do not give a Businessman enough time or leave you with energy to think what lies beyond your current Productivity- Efficiency & Effectiveness.

You may have Heard of the Woodcutter who day by day increased his time spent cutting trees but making the same or a lesser amount of money; because he did not stop to rest, recuperate and sharpen his Axe.

A Coach serves as a PitStop where you realign your efforts to your vision, service yourself and equip yourself with renewed energy boosters and ideas.

Stretch beyond Limitations– if you think coaching would be a relaxing massage, think again because it could be the most uncomfortable yoga position that you ever tried! A Coach will challenge you to Stretch beyond your limitations, help you break every glass ceiling or wall around you to reach the best you can be.

A Coach will bring out the Champion that the world is yet to see!

A Lot of times Fear may grip you, there may be too many limitations building up and you may even be avoiding conflicts; That’s when your Coach instills the courage to do what you have never done, After all for Extraordinary results you got to be extraordinary too. Your coach is your gateway to exploring new skills, acquire relevant knowledge for newer conquests and challenges.

Coaching will get you the Adrenalin Shot that is required to be bigger than you think you are.

Only mediocrity grows in comfort zone, What are you growing?

A Coach will be the catalyst to get you out of your comfort zone where you feel safe and are in Control. While in the comfort zone, you feel unfulfilled deep down and not able to get out on your own; isn’t it why you are reading this Article? For any other reason, you may even skip the Whole Article.


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