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7 Areas where coaching works

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Career & Career TransitionCareer & Career Transition

Are you someone who was sure of what you wanted to be? or did you chose what came your way?

Either way, the times changed, You progressed and after years, you reached a standstill.

Do you feel Frustrated all the time or progressed as if you are sleepwalking like a zombie?

A point where there is no wind of change or a breath of fresh air or a whiff of Joy.

This could also be a kind of comfort zone while it doesn’t make you happy, The idea of moving out of it instills a lot of Fear of unknown or Fear of Failure.

If you think you are ready to move, Take a leap of faith right now to make your move in Job, Career or Entrepreneurship or whatever profession you want now.

Mid-Life Crisis

It is difficult to say that it won’t happen to you; It certainly is a stage of life which comes to almost everybody.

Top Executives, Professionals, even Housewives (Empty Nest syndrome) and earlier the age bracket it attacked was 40+ years,

With changing times Mid-Life crisis attacks as early as the late twenties when they have reached the top of the career where they envisioned themselves to be, But what next?

Turn Mod-Life crisis into an opportunity to make new goals and find your hidden Potential.

Get your reasons right and you will get what you want right!


Relationships & Dating

Relationships & Dating

Who hasn’t been in a relationship that needs to be worked on or who don’t like to? or Have you given up and in despair?

Are your relationships enriching? Are you getting what you want out of them? Do you even know what you want from your relationships?

Relationships and the desired outcome from them may appear to be eluding like sands of time slipping from your hand.

Struggling in a Relationship or find a Partner?

What are you willing to do about it?

Playing in comfort zone, Not willing to take risks and saying no to opportunities could be the reason that you are still wanting and not close to getting it as yet.



Image result for startupsStart-ups

Nothing succeeds like an idea whose time has come. There are thousands of Management principles and success stories to support you. What worked for them may work for you, But too much information will only baffle you.

You have put everything on Stake to get what you want, And clarity and Focus at this juncture are non-negotiable.

You may have limited resources in terms of Time Money and Effort(energy or manpower), losing any of them or inefficient use of any of them will be unaffordable and detrimental for your success. What are you willing to do to ensure success that you aspire for? Everything? Really?


Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Unless you know what are you focusing on how will you achieve it?

If you don’t know where you are going, anywhere should be fine!

However, if you want to know where you want to go, This is where the buck stops.

It will be a deep diving process that requires you to stretch, But you will get the required Focus and Clarity to move ahead in your life with confidence.

Would it be something that you aspire for? Something that Touches, moves and inspires you?

Wake up every day with Joy, Zest and Hope?



There are thousands of success stories and now you are writing one of your own.

Did you sharpen the Axe Often? Are you on track or is it breaking down? Are you getting Tired?

Are you even putting your 100%? Do you still feel this plane would take off?

Know what’s working, works or not working at all!

Running a Business requires no Short-Cuts, what you got to do and with the integrity and the way you said you would do and much more.
Are you willing to put this last bit into your business?





You are not the only one asking for Health + Fitness + Peace of Mind = Wellness

Your Body is the only one to be with you until your last breath. what are you feeding it with? How are you making it strong? How are you enriching your souls Temple?

Do you have a plan? a strategy? How would it end up looking like? Measurable actions? diet? Exercise regime? Leisure time? Thoughts you feed? and the company you keep? Work-Life Balance?


Let’s work on whatever that gets in your way

of Living the Life you want!

Lets work on whatever that gets in your way of Living the Life you want!

The Delta difference between the life you have and the Life you want to have is the reason for the discontent, despair and the hollow feeling you are living with. When the efforts in the past have not worked, then its time to change the course and not the destination.





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