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Ultimate Failure in Life – a Myth or Reality?

The expression on the topic is an outcome of splendid responses on my Linkedin and Facebook Timeline from many of you on “When is it…..That a person has completely failed in life????”

What we all cumulatively agreed is that failure is only a temporary, Its a Feeling of having lost and with most of us is temporary.

Feeling of Failure would only be a cause of concern, when one starts living his life with the belief of oneself “Being a Failure”. Such Belief is disempowering and will only pull one down and push into a state of inactivity.

It is only a matter of time that one realises it is a slip and not a fall, the only way is it to get up, dress up and show up again. The show must go On.

Even when we stop trying again, it is not failure, It is just inaction….There is no Permanence unless there is a belief that it’s over.

Followed up by investing time and energy in brooding, Being bitter, pitying yourself, feel victimised, sorry yourself and externalise or beat yourself to pulp emotionally.

In different words i was told that “Failures are pillars of Success” and when one have failed a many number of times, they were busy learning how not to fail until they get success.

Consider there is a failure and one feels that they have failed in life……………..

What next? It doesn’t end then? Right?

What would they do now?

Would life end? Is it frozen and movement stopped at all? Did the breathing Stop? Is it really Numb?

So the Ultimate Failure in life is when you give, give up to stand, give up to try again, give up to honour your word or yourself.

So Failure is a Myth, cos if you are still alive or have a reason to Live…Then you have not failed as yet .

So like in a Video Game when you lose and it says “Game Over” that means you have lost the game, Smile and Click now on “New Game” and Play that Again 🙂

Thank you all for your Valuable inputs.

The Passion, Love and Zeal for life that i saw in participants below, was commendable.

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Life is Good, Cheers!

Geet Batra

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