Coffe with a Coach

Coffee with a Coach

Let’s explore what coaching can do for you; This is an Invitation for a Tete-a-tete, a Chit-Chat to come together to put a finger to what you want.
This is an Invitation for a cup of coffee with a coach.

Coaching is for you if you want to answer…..

  • If no one judged you, who would you be?
  • If you want to set a new Status Quo?
  • If you want to win over confusion or struggle?
  • How to break the Glass ceiling in your life or career?
  • What is your Life Purpose?
  • What makes you miss out on Opportunities?
  • What Stops you from Winning?
  • If the unknown future will be for good?
  • And Much More

Why Coaching Works?

  • Coaching works on “what you don’t know, that you know”.
  • It is Action Oriented & Scientific.
  • Brings out the best in you and a Coach helps you “Dig your Gold”.
  • Offers support unconditionally and is non-judgemental.
  • A safe space where confidentiality is assured.
  • Awareness, Alignment, Action, Accountability & Acceleration

Life Coach Geet Batra

With 20 years of experience in multiple roles; leading recruitment teams across India in IT Education, Oil & Gas, an IPC- Facility Management and hiring for varied industries like FMCG, Insurance, Consumer Durable, Healthcare, to recruitment Consulting, Training, Advertising and Sales. I coach to produce powerful results, when you are at crossroads or when one of your dream got washed, when you chose a business suit over your old torn jeans.

Some areas may be working very well in your life, whereas in others there may still be that restlessness, a stagnancy and that’s where I may help.

All I need from you is commitment to Courage, Humility & Discipline to get anything you aspire for.

The first coaching session itself can be an eye opener for 90% of the people; a realization that there is a hidden power inside you, a giant that is waiting to be unleashed.

Do not wait for things to turn-in on their own; take a step and connect with me….

-To find your life purpose/ break performance barriers and Job Satisfaction or to learn to use their inner compass for New and Remarkable Breakthroughs.

-If you would like to be a Marshall Goldsmith Certified coach or GrowMore coach for your ICF ACC Certification.

Feel Free to connect with me for a Coffee Cup Conversation.

Call me at 9811175380 or Write to me on

Life is Good, Cheers!

Geet Batra

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