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  • Coffee with a Coach

    Coffee with a Coach

    Let’s explore what coaching can do for you; This is an Invitation for a Tete-a-tete, a Chit-Chat to come together to put a finger to what you want. This is an Invitation for a cup of coffee with a coach. Coaching is for you if you want to answer….. If no one judged you, who…

  • Reasons to Hire a Coach?

    Reasons to Hire a Coach?

    The difference between action and inaction is of a Compelling reason.   Some of my Clients shared with me the reasons of what made them sign up to work with me as a coach. In this Article, i am sharing with you a Compilation of reasons that have compelled different people to work with a…

  • Stop playing Dead!

    Stop playing Dead!

    You are in the same situation you were a few days, months or years ago……….and there isn’t much that have changed. You may get some answers in this articles. Most of us have been in a situation where things do not move for a long time; sometimes we expect things to shape up on their…