You are in the same situation you were a few days, months or years ago……….and there isn’t much that have changed.

You may get some answers in this articles.

Most of us have been in a situation where things do not move for a long time; sometimes we expect things to shape up on their own. It could be in the area of Finance, Job, Career Transition, Education, Marriage, Parenting, Depression, any form of abuse, Relationships and even Boss or a figure of authority in your life.

You may have experienced emotions like Anger, Guilt, Resentment, Irritability, Anxiety, Helplessness, Frustration or Fear and if it is persistent then it is a Sign that you may be playing Dead.

Lets define what Playing Dead means!

In every situation you have two primary options are clearly visible, First is Fight and second is Flight.

Playing dead is the third option, when you do not choose any of the first two.

What we need to understand here is that playing dead will only lead to more of the emotion that you are going through and sometimes would only make things go beyond your control.

What to do now is the question answered below:-

The first step in Acknowledgement that situation is not moving and there is Lack of action or you are playing Dead.

The Second step is to find out the emotion that you are feeling, Look for a repeating pattern of these emotions like Anger, Guilt, Resentment, Irritability, Anxiety, Frustration or Fear; Sometimes the emotion is clouded by activities like alcohol abuse, watching too much TV (or any Screen), shying away from social interaction, too much social media, even over eating or working overtime at the office.

The Third step is after the emotion is identified is to uncover it and let it out and not bury it deeper. You may need a friend, a confidante, a counsellor or even a coach for that.

The Fourth step is to find the underlying belief. If you wish to do that yourself, you may use “the work of Byron Katie” or what we call as powerful Questioning/Probing until you reach the core belief. This is where a coach can help you, You may consider even an NLP Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, Cognitive behaviour expert if the emotion is very intense.

The Fifth step needs the Belief to be questioned and Replaced for which mostly it is better to leave it to Professionals. This is also the stage where you would be conscious of your options.

If you relate to any of it above and think you need help, Please understand its ok to need help, we all need help in one way or another.

It’s ok to ask for Help….

It’s ok to reach out……

It is ok, if last time the help you sought Didn’t work, Try again, Do not give up on Yourself.

And when you are ready……. you will find a helping hand extended your way.

All your answers are within you, All the Empowerment is within you.

Let me know if I have touched a chord somewhere or if I have reached you in time.

Happy to help,
Life is Good, Cheers!Geet Batra
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