Scissors and Clock

Are you Standing Still in Life?

Time is Ruthless, and some even call it an Enemy.

Of course Time waits for no body, stops for no one, Because all it knows is to Run at its consistent speed and it always do it well with finesse and Mastery.

Time is the best teacher and the lesson is keep the focus come what may.

It may appear that you have enough time, But deep down you know that every second is precious, even trillion dollars won’t recover the time lost. Ask an athlete who lost a medal for a fraction of second or someone who had hair breadth escape in an accident.

You may look at the following where time went past ahead of you
– Career
– Pending Promotion
– Finances
– Your relationships at work or personal life not improving
– Are you getting into same painful situation again and again
– That Degree or certification you want to pursue
– That trip to your dream place with your spouse, kids or parents.
– Health Check up/ Fitness Regime
– Following your heart and do what you love

Have you missed out on time again and again? Do you Procrastinate?

Procrastination is not a habit, if you introspect you would find a reason to each thing that you have not taken up.

if you are ready follow these 4 steps, You will get back to running along time at the required pace.

1. Acknowledgement

The first step is knowing, being aware and acknowledge that time is running and you are at a stand still platform.

Find out how does not taking an action in time have costed you, How long will you bear the cost.

The stagnancy spares no one, And if you are unaware of it you would not know what hit you all this while and will be externalising the blame to circumstances, people or anyone other than you.

Your Life is your responsibility and no one else have the power to shape it …..But you!

2. Reason

Ask “why” until you have all the answers, Answering one question with only one answer may not serve, keep exploring different answers, Self awareness is the key.

Here you must be willing to take ownership and be confronted by yourself; The point is to know the reason and every possible reason. here i am not asking to beat yourself up for not moving, But to do something about it.

Guilt is the lowest forms of emotion, Instead move towards Hopefulness, Optimism, Passion, Enthusiasm, clarity, Empowerment, Love, Joy and your Freedom.

3. Clarity

Once you know the reason/s, now is the time to focus on each reason and how to eliminate them one by one.

Question for now is what, How to achieve will be in the next step; Look at all possible outcomes to eliminate the reason.


This may require some external expertise to help you replace a disempowering belief. Go for it!

4. Action

Unless you cover the previous 3 steps of Acknowledgement, Reason and Clarity, Jumping to actions will be like shooting in Dark.

If you acknowledge that time is Running and you are at a standstill, then please also consider that shooting in dark is not an Option anymore.

getting what you want may require effort (not anxiety), it may require massive action (focused) and it will be worth it!

Remember Massive actions get you Massive outcomes.

You know it or not….”Coaching always works”, It has worked in past and with many, if you are ready, it will work for you too.

Your time is now!

A Coach will use Specific tools that were proven and are result driven. You would be surprised by some of them and how they work.

“Not everyone have a Lighthouse by their side” And you have a choice to have one.

Be ready to run along with time and let it lead you to your aspirations; All you need is some light to look around and focus on where you want to be.

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and many more.

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Life is Good, Cheers!

Rohit (Geet) Batra

(Marshall Goldsmith & GrowMore Certified Coach)

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