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This is something I have heard from many; And many wanted to shout it out on top of their lungs!

And the underlying emotions could be overwhelming!

Are you among them too???

Ask yourself “What part or aspects of your job do you hate?

The usual answer I receive…


“I hate my work, I hate my projects & assignments, I hate my clients, I hate my colleagues, I hate my role, I hate my workstation, I hate the travelling time, I hate the coffee they serve & even the Sycophant security guard who makes me feel as if i am the CEO.”

In that case I can’t stop wondering “If you hate everything, then why are you even in this job?”

The most exasperated and easiest answer is “I don’t Know”;

Ask yourself if you hate everything about your job, Do you hate getting paid too???

My dear readers, tell me what could the answer be? ๐Ÿ˜€

Surprisingly this situation is faced by most people; who have worked in this same job for years and the next majority are people who have just started their career and going steady.

If you hate your job then what makes you stay here? Are you caged? Held against your will or at a Gun Point? What is it that you have done about it?

While they hate their job; most of them have absolutely no threat of losing the job or getting fired?

This is a classic situation of playing dead, Playing dead is when you choose to do nothing and all your energy is absorbed in complaining and cribbing about it. Neither do you choose to fight courageously with the situation nor do you choose to quit and get a job that you would love.

Remember you are never without a choice, Comfort zone, Doing nothing is also a choice fight or flight. Nobody caged you, But yourself!

if you choose to fight, How would it be when you move from being disengaged, disenchanted, disappointed to giving an Outstanding performance and start loving your job.

And if you choose flight, then Imagine being in a job that you love and wake up for every morning.!

The choice is yours!

Happy to work with you in either case of Fight or Flight!

Playing dead is not an option because Nobody ever have seen graves moving!

Life is Good, Cheers!
Geet Batra
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